Glyph Icons 16x16 Icon Pack

Solid pixel-perfect SVG icons. Each icon has 16×16 content and 2px padding. Better quality with multiples of 20×20px.

Lifting hook Lifting hook Gate Valve Gate Valve Oil Pump Oil Pump Snail Snail Clamp Clamp Zippo Lighter Zippo Lighter Trolleybus Trolleybus Sausages Sausages Desk Lamp Desk Lamp Clothes Hanger Clothes Hanger Squid Squid Octopus Octopus Needle Needle Border Outer Border Outer Border Inner Border Inner Border Inner Vertical Border Inner Vertical Border Inner Horizontal Border Inner Horizontal Border Left Border Left Border Top Border Top Border Right Border Right Border Bottom Border Bottom Border None Border None Coffeemaker Coffeemaker Pills Bottle Pills Bottle Escalator Down Escalator Down Escalator Up Escalator Up Stairs Stairs Flash Photo Flash Photo Pallet Pallet Poop Poop Gyroscope Gyroscope Infant formula Infant formula Baby Baby Nipple Nipple Expand Expand Gramophone Gramophone Vinyl Record Vinyl Record Barrier Barrier Headset Head Headset Head Spider Spider Chocolate Bar Chocolate Bar Spray Can Spray Can Metaball Metaball Clovers Clovers Tiles Tiles Hearts Hearts Pikes Pikes Webcam Webcam Washing Washing Jack-o'-lantern Jack-o'-lantern Coffee Beans Coffee Beans Bullet Bullet Buckshot Buckshot Shotgun Shell Shotgun Shell Bubble Tea Bubble Tea Bear Bear Ghost Ghost Sock Sock Car Body Car Body Cake Cake Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Sizes Sizes Wooden Fence Wooden Fence Motherhood Motherhood Downstairs Downstairs Upstairs Upstairs Thermometer Thermometer Cogwheel Cogwheel Clouds Clouds Broccoli Broccoli Pomegranate Pomegranate Tomato Slice Tomato Slice Hot Drink Hot Drink Cocktail Cocktail Hand Plane Hand Plane Toilet Cleaner Toilet Cleaner Cricket Cricket Car Engine Car Engine Meat Grinder Meat Grinder Leaf Leaf ISS ISS Observatory Observatory Rocket launch Rocket launch Peephole Peephole Fuel Nozzle Fuel Nozzle Gasoline pump Gasoline pump Propane Propane Telephone Telephone Dial Phone Dial Phone Vintage Telephone Vintage Telephone Alert Circle Alert Circle Activity Activity Cheese Slice Cheese Slice Cheese Cheese Redo Redo Undo Undo Cricket Lighter Cricket Lighter Magnet Magnet Atom Atom Wheelbarrow Wheelbarrow Taxi Taxi Car Front Car Front Prison Cell Prison Cell Love Mail Love Mail ASMR ASMR This side up This side up Upgrade Upgrade Pot-holder Pot-holder Forklift Forklift Upload Upload Download Download Paste Paste Copy Copy Human Heart Human Heart Liver Liver Kidney Kidney Pin Pin Window UI Window UI Lifebuoy Lifebuoy Magic Wand Magic Wand Flatbed truck Flatbed truck Tea Bag Tea Bag Wafer Wafer Globe Globe Earth Structure Earth Structure Bunk Bed Bunk Bed Bottle Bottle Bottle Bottle Cross Check Cross Check Quote Quote Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Electronics Component Kit Electronics Component Kit Lego Lego Telescope Telescope Overflow Scroll Overflow Scroll Overflow Hidden Overflow Hidden Wrap Wrap Nowrap Nowrap Radio Button Radio Button Standby mode Standby mode Switch Switch Charger Charger Scan QR Code Scan QR Code Scan Barcode Scan Barcode Sushi Roll Sushi Roll Megaphone Megaphone Photodiode Photodiode Line Line Chevron Left Chevron Left Chevron Down Chevron Down

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