Glyph 16x16

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pixel perfect

Solid 16x16 pixel-perfect SVG icons.

Astronaut Astronaut Antifreeze Antifreeze Taxi Taxi Car Car Video Video Adaptive UI Adaptive UI Archimedean spiral Archimedean spiral Radio Tower Radio Tower Paw Print Paw Print Scroll Down Scroll Down Human Microchipping Human Microchipping Surveillance Surveillance Honeycombs Honeycombs Honeycombs Honeycombs Pointing Pointing Gauge Gauge Escalator Escalator Crosswalk Crosswalk Rockfall Rockfall Road Road Wheelchair Accessible Wheelchair Accessible Grim Reaper Grim Reaper Man Man Woman Woman Seat Upright Position Seat Upright Position Window Seat Window Seat Window Seat Window Seat Seat Seat Train Steps Train Steps Helipad Helipad Eraser Eraser Text Align Justify Text Align Justify Text Align Right Text Align Right Text Align Center Text Align Center Text Align Left Text Align Left Menorah Menorah Gavel Gavel Okay Okay Pan Pan Pinwheel Pinwheel Drink can Drink can Weights Bench Weights Bench Volleyball Volleyball Basketball Basketball Baseball Baseball Heartbeat Heartbeat Treadmill Treadmill French press French press Floor pump Floor pump Washing Machine Washing Machine Refrigerator Refrigerator DNA DNA Sweet Home Sweet Home Smart Bathroom Scale Smart Bathroom Scale Bathroom Scale Bathroom Scale Incoming Call Incoming Call Heart rate monitor Heart rate monitor Smart Watch Smart Watch Digital Key Digital Key Barcode Barcode QR Code QR Code Rice Rice Pasta Pasta Safety Pin Safety Pin Beaker Beaker Eyeball Eyeball Skull Skull Towel Towel Lungs Lungs Toothbrush & Paste Toothbrush & Paste Tooth Tooth Coins Coins Microscope Microscope Test tubes Test tubes Laboratory glassware Laboratory glassware Teapot Teapot Fishing Fishing Vehicle horn Vehicle horn Perfume Perfume Sunrise Sunrise Sunset Sunset Sunset Sunset Ethernet cable Ethernet cable Headphones Right Channel Headphones Right Channel Headphones Left Channel Headphones Left Channel Aux Jack Aux Jack Claw crane Claw crane Arc Arc Spherical coordinate system Spherical coordinate system Cartesian coordinate system Cartesian coordinate system Line Chart Down Line Chart Down Line Chart Line Chart Bar Chart Bar Chart Bar Chart Down Bar Chart Down Bar Chart Up Bar Chart Up Pie Chart Pie Chart Animation camera Animation camera Tie Tie Ellipsis Ellipsis Cards Cards Cards Cards Rocket Rocket Asterisk Asterisk Move Vertically Move
Move Horizontally Move
Pipette Drop Pipette Drop Pipette Pipette Pipette Empty Pipette Empty Bacon Bacon Manhole Manhole Wall tent Wall tent Grenade Grenade Catalog Export Catalog
Catalog Import Catalog
Card catalog Card catalog Card catalog Card catalog Danger Danger Tree View Tree View Tree View Tree View Coffee Bean Coffee Bean Exit Exit Entrance Entrance Garage Garage Chocolate Egg Chocolate Egg Surprise Egg Surprise Egg Champignon Champignon FM Radio FM Radio Video File Video File Image File Image File Text File Text File Database Database Pattern Lock Pattern Lock Transistor Transistor No Marijuana No Marijuana No eating No eating No Horn No Horn No Guns No Guns Pistol Pistol Pokeball Pokeball Touchpad Touchpad Hide keyboard Hide
Show keyboard Show
Landscape Mode Landscape Mode Mobile Payment Mobile Payment Mobile Payment Mobile Payment Butterfly Butterfly Pay to play Pay to play Power Power Turnstile Turnstile Window Window

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