Glyph 16x16

Icon pack






pixel perfect

Solid 16x16 pixel-perfect SVG icons.

Liver Liver Kidney Kidney Pin Pin Window UI Window UI Lifebuoy Lifebuoy Magic Wand Magic Wand Flatbed truck Flatbed truck Tea Bag Tea Bag Wafer Wafer Globe Globe Earth Structure Earth Structure Bunk Bed Bunk Bed Bottle Bottle Bottle Bottle Cross Check Cross Check Quote Quote Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Electronics Component Kit Electronics Component Kit Lego Lego Telescope Telescope Cat dropped christmas tree Cat dropped christmas tree Overflow Scroll Overflow Scroll Overflow Hidden Overflow Hidden Wrap Wrap Nowrap Nowrap Radio Button Radio Button Standby mode Standby mode Switch Switch Charger Charger Scan QR Code Scan QR Code Scan Barcode Scan Barcode Sushi Roll Sushi Roll Megaphone Megaphone Photodiode Photodiode Line Line Chevron Left Chevron Left Chevron Down Chevron Down Chevron Right Chevron Right Chevron Up Chevron Up Arc Arc Code Code Folder Open Folder Open Keypad Keypad Attitude indicator Attitude indicator Beam control Beam control RAM RAM RAM RAM Stylophone Stylophone Aspect Ratio Aspect Ratio Move Up Move Up Move Down Move Down Front Front Exclude Exclude Intersect Intersect Subtract Subtract Union Union D-pad D-pad GPU card GPU card PCI card PCI card Covered hopper Covered hopper Tank car Tank car Boxcar Boxcar Passenger railroad car Passenger railroad car Electric multiple unit Electric multiple unit Electric locomotive Electric locomotive Diesel locomotive Diesel locomotive Web conferencing Web conferencing Clickbait Clickbait Flashlight Flashlight Bow and arrow Bow & arrow Spike Trap Spike Trap Carbonated water Carbonated water Wine glass Wine glass Portcullis Portcullis Portcullis Portcullis Parking Barrier Parking Barrier Layout Layout Content Content Aqueduct Aqueduct Alarm Clock Alarm Clock Mirror Mirror Wallet Wallet Blini Blini Projector Projector Ladle Ladle Cutting Board Cutting Board microSD microSD Locked Home Locked Home Hand truck Hand truck Airdrop Airdrop Glass Glass Solar Panel Solar Panel Snap to grid Snap to grid Grid Grid Instant film Instant film Astronaut Astronaut Antifreeze Antifreeze Taxi Taxi Car Car Video Video Adaptive UI Adaptive UI Archimedean spiral Archimedean spiral Radio Tower Radio Tower Paw Print Paw Print Scroll Down Scroll Down Human Microchipping Human Microchipping Surveillance Surveillance Honeycombs Honeycombs Honeycombs Honeycombs Pointing Pointing Gauge Gauge Escalator Escalator Crosswalk Crosswalk Rockfall Rockfall Road Road Wheelchair Accessible Wheelchair Accessible Grim Reaper Grim Reaper Man Man Woman Woman Seat Upright Position Seat Upright Position Window Seat Window Seat Window Seat Window Seat Seat Seat Train Steps Train Steps Helipad Helipad Eraser Eraser Text Align Justify Text Align Justify Text Align Right Text Align Right Text Align Center Text Align Center Text Align Left Text Align Left Menorah Menorah Gavel Gavel Okay Okay Pan Pan Pinwheel Pinwheel Drink can Drink can Weights Bench Weights Bench Volleyball Volleyball Basketball Basketball Baseball Baseball Heartbeat Heartbeat Treadmill Treadmill French press French press Floor pump Floor pump Washing Machine Washing Machine Refrigerator Refrigerator DNA DNA Sweet Home Sweet Home Smart Bathroom Scale Smart Bathroom Scale Bathroom Scale Bathroom Scale

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