Double Icon Pack

Pixel-perfect outline icons with double outer stroke width.

Flashlight Bulb Flashlight Bulb Office Chair Office Chair Office Chair Office Chair Pants Pants Radiation Radiation Compact Disc Compact Disc SSD SSD Computer Case Computer <br>Case Computer Case Computer <br>Case Computer Case Computer <br>Case Command Line Command Line Display Display Binoculars Binoculars Home Home Spray Can Spray Can Checklist Checklist Documents Documents HDD HDD Speaker Speaker Hourglass Hourglass Claw crane Claw crane Clothing Button Clothing Button Globe Globe Recession Recession Growth Growth Suspension Suspension Perfume Perfume Bottle Bottle Box with Lid Box with Lid Touchpad Touchpad Drumstick Drumstick Armchair Armchair Manhole Manhole Mute Mute Volume Down Volume Down Volume Volume Volume Up Volume Up Rotary Switch Rotary <br>Switch Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Clock Clock Share Share Power Power Truck Truck Portafilter Portafilter Smart Lock Smart Lock Air Conditioner AC Credit Card Credit Card Tank Top Tank Top Tank Top Tank Top Shorts Shorts T-Shirt T-Shirt Umbrella Umbrella Cotton Swab Cotton Swab Cocktail Cocktail Slot machine Slot machine Package Package Cassette tape Cassette tape Pizza cutter Pizza cutter Toilet Toilet Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Electricity hazard Electricity hazard Surge protector Surge protector Pills Pills Documents Check Documents Check Coins Coins Casement window Casement window Window Window Casement window Casement window Casement window Casement window Rubiks Cube Rubik's Cube Soap Dispenser Soap<br>Dispenser Toothbrush & Paste Toothbrush & Paste Bottle Bottle Headset Headset Headphones Headphones To go box To go box Gamepad Gamepad Palette Palette Picture Picture Trumpet Trumpet Vinyl Record Vinyl Record Guitar Amplifier Guitar Amplifier Knob Knob Fader Fader Pad Controller Pad Controller 25 piano keys 25 keys 32 piano keys 32 keys 37 piano keys 37 keys 49 piano keys 49 keys 61 piano keys 61 keys 88 piano keys 88 keys Drum & Drumsticks Drum & Drumsticks Violin Violin Balalaika Balalaika Bass Guitar Bass Guitar Guitar Guitar DJ Controller DJ Controller Speaker driver Speaker <br>driver Electic Piano Electic Piano Piano Piano Synthesizer Synthesizer Door Opened Door Opened Door Door Backspace Backspace Fingerprint Fingerprint Envelope Letter Envelope Letter Envelope Envelope Envelope Envelope Calculator Calculator Door Hinge Door Hinge Swirl Lollipop Swirl Lollipop Lollipop Lollipop Brick Game Brick Game Tetris Scrollbars Scrollbars Traffic Cone Traffic Cone Pizza Eight Pieces Pizza 8 pieces Pizza Six Pieces Pizza 6 pieces Pizza Four Pieces Pizza 4 pieces Charger Charger Light Bulb Light Bulb Outlet Outlet Paper Crane Paper Crane Paper Plane Paper Plane Paper Ship Paper<br>Ship Puzzle Puzzle Filter Filter, funnel Map Marker Map Marker Zoom Out Zoom Out Zoom In Zoom In Magnifier Magnifier, Search Compass Compass Perfume Perfume Wrench Wrench Quadcopter Quadcopter Archway Archway Railroad Railroad Cable Reel Cable Reel, Fiber Earth Structure Earth<br>Structure Peace Peace, Love, Unity Film Strip Film Strip File File Ink Pen Ink Pen Ruler Ruler Spiral Notebook Spiral Notebook Calendar Calendar Round Ruler Round Ruler Triangle Ruler Triangle Ruler Ruler Ruler Pencil Pencil Floppy Disk Floppy Disk