Pure Lines Icon Pack

Pixel-perfect outline icons with rounded corners and constant stroke width.

Nut Nut LAN LAN Home Home Home Home Building Building Printer Printer Counterclockwise Counter&shy;clockwise Home Home Glass Glass Puzzle Piece Puzzle Piece Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Steam Iron Steam Iron Clothes iron Clothes iron Butterfly Butterfly Fish Fish Xylophone Xylophone Charger Charger Battery Battery Minus Circle Minus Circle Plus Circle Plus Circle Button Button Scroll Down Scroll Down Recession Recession Growth Growth First Aid Kit First Aid Kit Hand saw Hand saw Archimedean spiral Archimedean spiral Cartesian coordinate system Cartesian coordinate system Spherical coordinate system Spherical coordinate system Medical Patch Medical Patch Tag Tag Dices Dices Slot machine Slot machine Cocktail Cocktail Gamepad Gamepad Four Wheel Drive Four Wheel Drive Brake Warning Brake Warning Replace File Replace File Team Team Jewel Case Jewel Case Baggage Baggage Pac-Man Pac-Man Attachments Attachments Glasses & Mustache Glasses & Mustache Mustache Mustache Mailbox Mailbox Progress Bar Progress Bar Settings Settings Smile Smile Number Field Number Field Dropdown Dropdown Search Field Search Field Switch Switch Eight-ball Eight-ball Baseball Baseball Datetime Datetime HDD Lock HDD Lock Animation camera Animation camera Cocktail glass Cocktail glass Shashlik Shashlik Clock Clock Pound Pound Calendar Calendar Antenna Antenna Winner Podium Winner<br>Podium Office chair Office chair Audit roll Audit roll Adhesive tape Adhesive tape Desk Desk Logging Logging Leaf Leaf Pyramid Pyramid Wind Wind Door Door Gasoline pump Gasoline pump Sunbed Sunbed Saturn Saturn Brick Game Brick Game Compass Tool Compass Tool Pen Pen Ink Pen Ink Pen Tea Bag Tea Bag Glasses Glasses Bench Vise Bench Vise Tools Tools Transistor Transistor LED LED Water Bottle Water Bottle Move Vertically Move<br>Vertically Move Horizontally Move Horizontally Payment terminal Payment terminal Keypad Keypad Alert Triangle Alert Triangle Diamond Diamond Diameter Diameter Cube Cube Camera Camera Compass Compass Cross Check Cross Check Smoking Lounge Smoking Lounge Slippers Slippers Slippers Slippers Insoles Insoles Pot-holder Pot-holder Kettlebell Kettlebell Dumbbells Dumbbells Projector Screen Projector Screen Love Message Love Message Rose Rose Coffee Cup Coffee Cup Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Cross Circle Cross Circle Information Information Safe Safe Shield Fail Shield Fail Fail Message Fail Message Checklist Checklist Paint roller Paint roller Laptop Laptop Archway Archway Cloud download Cloud<br>download Cloud upload Cloud<br>upload Restore Window Restore Window Application Error Application Error File Manager File Manager Shield Shield Move Move Delete Cancel Delete Cancel Light Bulb Light Bulb High Priority High Priority Phone Call Check Phone Call Check Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Picture Picture Pendant Light Pendant<br>Light Layers Layers Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower Pin Pin Zipper Zipper Stuck Zipper Stuck Zipper Zipper Zipper Ruble Coin Ruble Coin Euro Coin Euro Coin Dollar Coin Dollar Coin Nachos Nachos Water Glass Water Glass Old Mobile Phone Old Mobile Phone RAM RAM Speaker driver Speaker driver Trumpet Trumpet Clockwise Clockwise