Useful Icons

Icon pack by Arthur Shlain

1128 vector



grid size

Pixel-perfect outline icons with double line thickness.

Windshield Washer Windshield Washer DNA DNA Water Tower Water Tower Projector Screen Projector Screen Projector Screen Projector Screen Compact Disc Compact Disc VHS VHS Christian cross Christian cross Star and crescent Star and crescent Star of David Star of David Gyroscope Gyroscope Fragile Fragile Fire Alarm Fire Alarm RFID RFID Hydrogen Oxide Hydrogen Oxide Crystal Structure Crystal Structure Box Box Plastic Trash Plastic Trash Bag Bag Watse Basket Watse Basket Grater Grater Sticker Sticker Code Search Code Search Code Code Code Brain Code Brain Draggable Draggable Gag Gag Film Strip Film Strip Barrier Barrier Barrier Barrier Prison Break Prison Break Prison Cell Prison Cell Handcuffs Handcuffs Emerald Emerald PHP File PHP File Diamond Diamond Razor Blade Razor Blade Rotary Switch Rotary Switch Wind Rose Wind Rose Database Database Chat Chat Aim Aim Pipette Pipette Pipette Pipette Pipette Pipette Backspace Backspace Airplane Wheels Airplane Wheels Helicopter Helicopter Flying Car Flying Car Rules Rules Bus Bus Working time Working time Stopwatch Stopwatch Engine Order Telegraph Engine Order Telegraph Maze Maze Time is gone Time is gone Collapse Collapse Factory Factory Alarm Off Alarm Off Bell Bell Speedometer Speedometer Clockwise Clockwise Refresh Refresh Visually Impaired Visually Impaired Mute Mute Snowman Snowman Candy Cane Candy Cane Drumstick Bite Drumstick Bite Bathtub Bathtub Paste Paste Message Message Ice cream bar Ice cream bar Ice cream bar Ice cream bar Receipt Receipt User User Seat Seat Eye drop Eye drop Contact lens Contact lens Screw Screw Nail Nail Question Question Clothes Hanger Clothes Hanger Clothes Hanger Clothes Hanger Hot Dog Hot Dog Pan Pan Pan Pan Scooter Scooter Folder Opened Folder Opened Folder Closed Folder Closed Folder Folder