Pure Lines

Icon pack by Arthur Shlain

583 vector



pixel perfect

Pixel-perfect outline icons with rounded corners.

Composition Composition Decomposition Decomposition Gallery Gallery Tank Tank Kite Kite Curtains Curtains Pager Pager Give Love Give Love Gavel Gavel Scales of Justice Scales of Justice Scales of Justice Scales of Justice Address Plaque Address Plaque Address Plaque Address Plaque Address Plaque Address Plaque Paste Paste Copy Copy Floppy Disks Floppy Disks Text Field Text Field Propeller Screw Propeller Screw Arrow Keys Arrow Keys Gudok Gudok Violin Violin Drum & Drumsticks Drum & Drumsticks Paramecium caudatum Paramecium caudatum Light Bulb Light Bulb Citrus Citrus Cheese Slice Cheese Slice Banana Banana Jet Engine Jet Engine Airplane Airplane Alarm Clock Alarm Clock Mute Mute Volume Volume Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Cog Cog Cardboard Cardboard Wallet Wallet Towel Towel Philadelphia Roll Philadelphia Roll Sushi Roll Sushi Roll Sushi Roll Sushi Roll Soap Dispenser Soap Dispenser Toilet Toilet Toilet seat Toilet seat Ambulance Ambulance Stomach Stomach Ear Ear High Heel High Heel Handheld Game Handheld Game Plunger Plunger Pan Pan Resistor Resistor Sizes Sizes Arrow Right Arrow Right Car Car Bicycle Pedals Bicycle Pedals Windshield Washer Windshield Washer Bacteria Bacteria Bank Card Bank Card VHS VHS Clockwise Clockwise Pine Branch Pine Branch Bleach Bleach Sliding Doors Sliding Doors Greenhouse Greenhouse Downstairs Downstairs Upstairs Upstairs Real Estate Price Real Estate Price Upgrade Upgrade Bag Bag Handset Handset Chain Chain Straight razor Straight razor Desk Desk Umbrella Umbrella